torsdag 25 april 2013

Building and painting

Since the breeding season started, we have not been able to work that much with the ravens. Firstly, there is much more group dynamics than usual, which make it harder to interest the them in experimenting. Secondly it's much more difficult to separate them, since Juno and Siden has occupied one whole section of the aviary complex.

The door to the old pig stable

Instead, we have put some time and effort into enhancing the facility, and a grant from The Royal Physiographical Society has made it possible  to convert a part of an old pig stable into much needed research facilities!


The renovated part will house one area for preparing and keeping raven food, analyzing fecal samples and keeping research equipment.

 We are also constructing a small indoor aviary in case any bird should be injured, or for any reason should need to be kept apart from the others. This aviary could also be used for experiments where sensitive equipment, like an eye-tracker, is used.

On the second floor (although we don't yet have any stairs) a part of the old hayloft has been converted into a spacious area, suitable for seminars and meetings.
The only downside is that it probably will take ages to paint...

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