torsdag 27 augusti 2015

New semester

Summer is over, the juvenile ravens have all moved and things are going back to normal again in the aviaries. At the moment we are preparing for the new semester by repairing and maintaining the station.
During summer the weed grows to almost biblical proportions. And as we don't want to use pesticides or machines inside the aviaries, the weeding has to be done by hand.

The ravens also appreciate more open ground, so they are happy with the change. To make them even more happy I built sandboxes in both aviaries and the famous crow bird neuphobia (= fear of new things) was quickly defeated by their curiousity and passion for digging.

Rickard, None and Embla.

A nice place for caching food, however not the most secret one.

Juno - a bit afraid of the camera, though.
Next week, the whole research group will be back after summer, and we will start the new semester with the usual get-toghether.


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