måndag 13 juni 2016

New lookout points

Summer is low season for research at our station, due to breeding followed by moulting and human holidays. Usually we seize the opportunity to do some maintanance or improvements of the aviaries. Siden and Juno didn't try for a second brood of chicks, so today I put up some new branches in their aviary.

Apart from being extremely curious, Siden and Juno are also very calm when it comes to visitors and doing stuff in their aviary, so instead of watching from a distance they are eager helpers.

Meaning sitting on the branches at the same time as I try to attach them from my ladder. Of course this makes it at bit more of a challange...but when you think of it - how many can boast about selfies with a raven four metres up in the air?

But even if the new perches are fun, they cannot beat my winterjacket - all ravens' favourite - with loads of pockets to be turned inside out. No attention paid to the fact that the one wearing it is clinging to a ladder with all hands and arms busy.


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