måndag 28 januari 2013

Above zero!

When I came out to the ravens to do some training sessions just before lunch, all birds were perching on the highest branch. Nobody seemed at all interested to come down to me, which is very unusal, unless they are afraid of something. Not even Siden and Juno paid me any attention what so ever. Hrmm. A quick glance around the aviary immediately solved the mystery. The bathtub which I had un-iced and filled with water just an hour ago was totally emtpy! And a second glance at the ravens confirmed my suspicions - they had all taken a bath! And of course, this is the first day above zero  (2,3 Celcius) in two weeks so who could blame them!
A picture from the summer
During the summer, the ravens bathe at least once a day, but in the winter they seem content with taking snow baths. We have also noticed that they eat at lot of snow, and sometimes they even seem to prefer that instead of fresh water. But when the temperature rises above zero after a long period of coldness - the situation apparently calls for a bath in the tub!

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