torsdag 24 januari 2013

Great day

Today was a great day, in several aspects. First of all, the weather was superb - one of these sunny winter days with blue sky and almost no wind. The other good thing was that the ravens seemed to agree with me. In our experience, raven-mood also change with weather, and on sunny, calm days they are easygoing and joyful.
Yesterday, I had left a selection board close to the net, hoping that the ravens should get enough used to it to not make a fuss of it today. And this time, the plan worked. As soon as I came out, Siden and Juno expectantly flew down, waiting for me to put some items on the board. Hopefully one of the items would be a frolic. All the other birds were equally cooperative and today I actually managed to sparate all birds but Gulan (who is the only bird who won't come down to us), and get them to select items from the board. With one exception, that is. Hans was still not in the mood for work and immediately started with his content, purring display sounds.
The runway that connects the two aviaries.

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