torsdag 23 januari 2014

Smelly clams

We get most of our raven food from the local ICA Kvantum grocery store. As you can guess, we are very grateful for this, as the ravens eat quite a lot - most of it meat. As the food that we get is past due date, it sometimes gets extremely smelly - especially fish and seafood. And even if the ravens don't mind, we still have to handle it...or get it stuffed into our pockets or into our collars. It has happened more than once that we have sensed a weird odour half a day...before finding a piece of rotten liver, neatly hidden in one of our pockets. This is why fish and seafood is best given frozen, or when the temperature is below zero.
Especially clams is a rare dish on the raven meny, so when we got several packages of clams last week, we were quite happy! Not only because it diversifies the diet - it is also enriching. The ravens seem to enjoy the shape and size as much - or even more - as the content. A bit like a Kinder egg.
Best to bring my clam where ever I go.

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