onsdag 28 januari 2015

New nesting spot?

When we built the new aviary, we decided to take down the old platform that has served as a base for Siden and Juno's nest the last two years. As we want to use the new, adjacent aviary for the other group of ravens, we thought it would be too close to a nest which might create unnecessary aggression and unwanted stress.
Siden and Juno weren't too happy about me taking away their platform, but very quickly they adopted the new perches that I put up instead.

Old spot for the nest to the right, new nest box to the left.

We already tried a nestbox last year, and Siden and Juno started to build a nest in it, but it turned out to be too small, so they returned to their old platform where they bred successfully.

Old abandoned nest box.

New nest box.

The new box is at least twice as big as the old, and much higher. I made a plexi glass hatch in the roof, but I am not sure they will approve, and in that case it is easy to cover. In the wild, ravens nest in high trees or on cliffs, so we are not sure that Siden and Juno will like the idea of a box, but we will give it a try this year. And they have already spent some nights sitting in the opening.

As usual when you are in Siden and Juno's aviary they come down to hang out with you. Especially when you have exciting new things with you...like a camera. To get a good picture, I ran in and immedeately took a photo, which ended up like this:

Siden on his way down to me and the camera.
 And the second like this...


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