måndag 18 maj 2015

First steps

Rickard and None's nesting spot that at first seemed a bit awkward,  might not be so bad after all. The flat surface under the nest is quite spacious, and the chicks have started to take short walks outside the nest!
Baby raven walk, around day 36
We don't expect them to fledge until next week or so, and their way to full-fledged fledgelings might be a bit easier than Siden and Juno's first broods'. I wouldn't be surprised if I one morning find them all sitting on the board below the experiment room, and then they will only have 1, 5 metre to the ground. A small distance compared to wild ravens, that usually nest in very tall trees or on inaccessible cliffs.

The situation for Siden and Juno's nestlings has also improved with the new nestbox. Not only do they have more room for flight training and walking on the bottom of the nestbox, but also some branches outside the nest, to practice branch-sitting and prepare for the first trembling flight.

The family of seven chilling after lunch


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