fredag 8 maj 2015

Visiting biology students

In April/May the annual student visit from the course in Ecology of behaviour/ethology at the Biology Department is scheduled. As it coincides with the breeding season, the timing couldn't be worse, and it's a pity that the student's are not able to observe the ravens' everyday life in the aviaries. This year we managed to postphone the visit a few weeks to not disturb the delicate incubation period, and yesterday two groups of students arrived. Thanks to Kungliga Fysiografiska sällskapet, we now have a brand new lecture hall, and we started off with an introduction of the research conducted here.

Can presenting his project on planning.
Ivo telling the students about his work on physical cognition.

We were a bit unsure of how the ravens would react, and the students got strict instructions to not go near the nests, but the raven parents were happy as long as the students stayed outside the aviaries on the opposite side of the nests.

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