torsdag 10 mars 2016

It has begun

None on the nest (in poor photo quality)
The egg-laying, that is - for None and Rickard. It started already two days ago, on the 8th of March, with None spending longer periods in the nest. Last year this happened on March 23th, so this is two weeks earlier. Siden and Juno seems to be a bit later, and are still happy to spend time with us when we are in the aviary.

We don't know yet if there are any eggs, and this aftenoon None took some time off from the egg-laying, preening on a high perch.

As soon as she left the nest, Rickard positioned himself as egg-guard in the doorway (to the right).

Last year, I kept feeding None and Rickard from inside of the experiment room, to get a glimpse of - and also to take pictures - of the chicks as they developed. But I am not sure that I will do that this year, as the parents do not particularly like it.


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