fredag 18 mars 2016

Next female on the nest

None has been laying eggs since the 8th of March, and today  - March 18th - I think Juno might have laid her first. Quite similar to the other years it seems: March 19th (2015) March 10th (2014) and March 22nd (2013). She did come down to feed, though, and found the tip of my boot appropriate as feeding spot. Usually the ravens grab a piece of meat with their beaks, stand on it with one foot, and tear pieces of it - and of course you wouldn't want to do that on the ground, risking getting dirt in your mouth.

Juno on my boot
I consider myself lucky to be able to follow the daily life of a raven from such close a distance. Of course our ravens live a different life from the wild ravens, but I believe most of the behaviour is still the same. The aviaries are situated in a good spot when it comes to social life it seems. Many times every day, wild ravens or other interesting birds are passing, and our ravens spend much time patrolling their territories, claiming their aviaries with dominant calls and chasing off intruders if necessary. The two utmost aviaries have almost 270 degrees vision and the ravens spot airplanes, birds of prey and other birds so much quicker than we do. Sometimes eagles are passing, and without exception it as always the ravens telling me about it - long before I have the chance to conjure up a species from the litte black dot in the sky.

Still the parents to be, happily greets me entering the aviaries, but as soon as the chicks start to hatch, they grow more protective and aggressive - even if it is not personal. So I enjoy my moments in the sun with these intense, loving and beautiful creatures.

Siden says hello.

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