torsdag 21 april 2016

Birds are dinousaurs

 A velociraptor skeleton downscaled to half it's size.

Today and yesterday saw the annual visit from the Biology deparment's course in Ecology of behaviour/ethology.
Since the course coincides with the breeding season and the students cannot work with the ravens,  the focus is rather on lectures and ongoing research. This time Ivo and Katarzyna presented their research after Mathias' introductury lecture on bird descent and cognition.

A replica of a Confuciusornis (the earliest known beaked bird) fossil.

A replica of a Tyrannosaurus' foot

Duvis shed some live input on the lecture.

Since the ravens are quite happy as long as nobody goes to close to the nest, the students also got a brief glimpse of some contemporary dinosours. None and Rickard fluffed up a bit, but not more than that.

The chicks are also clearly visible from the outside, but they look mostly like drooping tulips as they sleepily stick their heads in the air or hang over the edge of the nest.


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