tisdag 22 oktober 2013


Slowly the new parts of the facility are being finished. I've spent the last rainy days painting the lecture room in the attic, and today Kenneth, our nice and skilled electrician, is installing the electricity. Kenneth has done all the electrical work on the facility, which is both raven and rat safe.
Can is also here today to spend some time with the ravens and discuss the upcoming article writing with Mathias.  At the moment Can is spending a month with the neurobiologists at BMC to learn how to dissect and study bird brains.


fredag 18 oktober 2013

Anniversary talk

During the LUCS 25th anniversary, Mathias gave a talk (in Swedish) on how the similarities between corvid and great ape cognition can tell us more about how complex cognition has evolved. See the talk here!


fredag 11 oktober 2013

Last recordnings for the radio documentary

Today Lotta Malmstedt was here to record some additional audio for her radio documentary. She has spent half her summer going through and organizing interviews and recordnings, and just wanted to add a few missing details.
The ravens have grown quite accustomed to Lotta and her gear by now, so she was even able to record some parts inside the aviary.

We are looking forward to the programme!


torsdag 10 oktober 2013

25th Anniversary

The LUCS logo - made of sugar and plant soil - in front of the King's House in Lundagård.
Two weeks ago, the department of Cognitive Science  - LUCS - celebrated its 25th anniversary. This was manifested by two days of great lecturing open to the department and the public. One of the invited speakers was Frans de Waal, the world famous primatologist, and as he and Mathias know each other, he was invited to visit the ravens.

Close encounter with the ravens, and Frans got some bites to show the audience during his talk.
A brief cup of tea in the cabin. Lotta Malmstedt from the Swedish radio, joined to get some more material for her documentary.