torsdag 27 februari 2014

Two weeks early

The winter in southern Sweden has been unusually mild, and the last week has been nicely spring-like. Siden and Juno has already courted each other for a few weeks, and we have them separated from the rest of group in one of the aviaries.
When we came home from Bavaria last week they started on their nest - same spot as last year- but it took them several days to find the perfekt starting-twigs. They tried out at least 40-50 twigs before the base of nest finally started to form.
Last year they didn't start building until mid March, and on March 13th it looked like this!


Visiting Austria and Bavaria

Last week we visited Auguste von Bayern in Bavaria, and also made a quick stop at Haidlhof for a chat with Thomas Bugnyar. Mathias was discussiong a joint book project with them both, and at Auguste's place we also met Ivo, who is doing planning experiments on the New Caledonian crows.
Unfortunately I completely forgot to take photos, but Mathias shot some pictures of these lovely little black creatures...hand raised baby Caledonians..!


måndag 24 februari 2014

Research on the news

Last week, the news report made by the local tv-news some time ago appeared on tv. Watch it HERE.