tisdag 17 november 2015

Students from Animal cognition course

Last Friday 20 students from the course in Animal Cognition visited the station. The course is given every second year and earns 7,5 credits.

"The course introduces important aspects of the zoological study of cognition, i.e. knowledge and research about other biological information- and knowledge systems than humans, in particular nonhuman primates and corvids. The course also discusses what can be learnt by comparing the cognition of different species and the common pitfalls in conclusions that this can entail."

To give the students some insight in empirical research and field work, they can either visit LU Primate Research Station in Furuvik, or the Corvid Cognition Station.

Here, Mathias gave an introductory lecture on why we study corvid cognition, and Can and Katarzyna presented their research. Some of the students met the ravens, who seemed content with the visitors.


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