onsdag 12 mars 2014

More media

Last week TT was here to make a news report which later was picked up by Skånska dagbladet and Metro.

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  1. I enjoy watching the ravens interact in this video even though I do not speak the language. Same is true for the previous video. It was amazing to see the ravens looking for items cached in his pockets.

    In this video, why are they playing with the paper in his jacket? Is taking paper a fun activity or perhaps something they use for a task?

    Thank you so much for this blog. I love hearing about corvid research and wish more researchers would post about their work. Do you have a twitter account as well?

  2. So nice to hear that you enjoy the blog - sorry for the late reply! No, we don't have any Twitter account. You are right about hte playfulness - the ravens love to go through are pockets, and enjoy tearing things apart. It could be paper, our clothes, or toys that we give them. This spring, two papers on raven play will be published, so look out for them here on the blog!