tisdag 17 mars 2015

New interior

While the ravens are busy courting and building, we take the opportunity to refresh the interior of the aviaries. After the rainy winter, the ground is a muddy mess, and even if the ravens seem to mind less than we do, they are happy about the change. So we ordered a few tons of gravel and a lorry filled with wood chips and rolled up our sleeves.

First, fabric to keep the gravel from sinking and the weed from growing, and then 15 cm of wood chips. The long runway and the experiment room are especially important to keep clean from nettles and grass, since the ravens often cache objects that are part of different experiments. And trying to find these objects in the grass is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack...now we only have to find the needle in the wood chips.

The ravens went crazy over the the wood chips, and started digging ferociously. And of course, they soon learned that there was fabric in the bottom...which in typical crow-bird-way suddenly turned into the most desirable thing.

But when I brought the super-scary-black-camera the photos ended up like this.


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