onsdag 8 april 2015

The day before the day

Tomorrow it is 21 days since Juno laid her first egg, so at any moment I expect hatching. Today it's a sunny day, and both Juno and None escape the heat (and mayby boredom) for some brief moments in the fresh air.

 Siden, who by now is experienced, stays close to the nest while Juno is having a snack on the ground.

The unexpected nest in one of the experiment rooms gives us a great opportunity to experience everything from a very close distance. Until now, None has been comfortable with us entering the experimentroom and handing over some treats in the compartment next door. But that might change when (and IF) the eggs hatch. Very different from Juno, who fiercely fight for her young, should anybody come too close in her opinion.

Nones partner Rickard enjoys the warm day and has just taken a bath. He seems a bit shocked by the whole business and is difficult to get contact with. But he feeds None in the nest, and chase away intruders as any raven-father-to-be should.


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