torsdag 25 februari 2016

Early birds?

Last year Rickard and None shocked us by all of a sudden building a nest in one of the experiment compartments. This was mid March. Then last Friday I noticed that all twigs and branches in the aviary was gone, and when I looked up, I saw this - almost one month early!

Today when I was running some tests on Rickard in the outdoor experiment area, he was only interested in gathering small pieces of lining anad dried grass. So I had to give him some time alone, let him back in with None and the nest, and then ask him to come back for the experiment. And once all the lining material was gone, it worked fine.

Usually the horses have started to loose their coat when the ravens are nesting, but this year it is so early that they have to make do with my home made strings of jute.

A bit afraid of the phone at first.

Getting closer.
Rickard was the most daring, and flew off wtih a mouthfull.


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