måndag 2 september 2013

Autumn's first lab meeting!

Can, Ivo and Mathias
This Friday, we had our first lab meeting at the corvid research station. The two PhD students Ivo Jacobs from the Netherlands, Can Kabadayi from Turkey, Mathias and myself. Ivo started his postion in January and Can arrived from Ankara only last week and formally started yesterday. It's great to have them here, and we are looking forward to some great research coming from them soon!

We started off discussing this semester's work, studies, papers, courses and meetings....
...and then turned to the more physical side of running a research station. For example scrubbing away algea from the wood besides the aviaries. When wet, this green growth literally can break your back, so we had a go at getting rid of it. As you can see, quite back breaking as well, but not as acute as a slip.
Before dinner we did a short excursion to Vombsjön, which is only ten minutes by car from the station. Both Ivo and Can has been to Sweden before - taking courses at the Biology department - and thus knows a lot more bird species than we do:)


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